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VoyagerNetz Product Development Journeys

Sept. 1, 2022


Hanz van Aardt

VoyagerNetz - USA

Phoenix Image

You might have noticed that our VoyagerNetz products have a code-name like Venus or Mercury attached to them.  I want to quickly explain what this is all about.

Product Development Journeys

At VoyagerNetz we see product development as a journey.  On this journey our team works in close collaboration with customers in an effort to create solutions to real world problems.  If all goes well the journey will end in delivering new versions of our products.  Each of these products has a different version number for example currently Engage is at version 1.7 and Reach is at version 0.9 - instead of us talking to you about these numbers we would much rather tag products with a code-name like Mercury.  It's easier for everybody.

This approach is becoming very popular in the product development space and has been adopted by many organizations.  Some of the more notable ones are Apple's MacOS releases like MacOS Monterey or Ubuntu with releases like Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish.  

The Final Frontier

At VoyagerNetz we are on a Voyage to help organizations deliver amazing experiences through the application of great technology.  The greater Voyage consists of smaller journeys and we decided to name each of these journeys after objects in and features of our awesome universe.

The journeys to Venus and Mercury have successfully been completed - up next is Phoenix!

We are excited to be on this Voyage with you!