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Mission, History and a message from Hanz...

Our Mission

VoyagerNetz is on a mission to help our customers deliver amazing experiences!


In December of 1995, the VoyagerNetz journey began as Hanz van Aardt's deep passion for technology sparked the creation of a new company. Specializing in Customer Experience Management products, VoyagerNetz has since grown into a global team with its international Head Office situated in St. Charles, Illinois in the United States.

A message from Hanz

In 1995, as I embarked on the VoyagerNetz endeavor, little did I know the extraordinary journey that awaited me. My passion for innovation and technology remains as fervent as it was back then, but today, my enthusiasm is even greater when it comes to using technology to empower organizations to deliver smile-generating experiences. I firmly believe that by achieving this, we can collectively make a profoundly positive impact on communities and the lives of individuals. This purpose lies at the heart of the VoyagerNetz mission.

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