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Our new product development journey is launching soon...

Jan. 12, 2022


Hanz van Aardt

VoyagerNetz - USA


A new VoyagerNetz product development journey is launching soon...

I am excited to announce that a new VoyagerNetz product development journey is launching soon and we are looking for some innovative companies to join us on this journey. If you are an innovator and want to lead rather than follow then this might be a great opportunity to chat with me. So - what's this all about?

What are we developing?

The name has not been announced yet so we'll be referring to it as "The Product" :) The main focus will be on enabling your team to instantly deliver relevant text messages to the right group of existing customers at scale. The product will allow you to easily communicate with relevant segments of your customer base through personal Text Messaging. When customer's respond to these messages then conversations will start on VoyagerNetz Engage. It will allow customers to easily join topics they are interested in and your team will easily be able to communicate to all customers interested in a certain topic. It will be available as an iPhone, Android and Web application. The product development journey will start soon so if you're interested then reach out to me to learn about the benefits of becoming an innovation partner.

What's in it for your business?

Our Innovation Partners get a lot of benefits which include discounts, early release products and also the ability to give feedback to the product development teams early. All of this will result in you reaching your goals earlier by getting a product which suits your needs better - all at a great price.

How to know if our Innovation Partner program is for you?

If you like to adopt new technology early, are innovative and like to provide product input then the program might be for you. Also - you need to have a need for the product of course. And finally you will have to be willing to work with products in the very early stage of development and provide feedback. These journeys are exciting and it is always amazing to see a product go from idea to product over a period of time.

How can you learn more...

To learn more send a Text or WhatsApp message to +1 708-797-9681 - just mention that you are interested in learning about our Innovation Partner program.