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Internship Opportunities

June 25, 2021


Hanz van Aardt

VoyagerNetz - USA


Internship Opportunities at VoyagerNetz

Over the years, VoyagerNetz has offered many promising students an opportunity to explore and learn about marketing, sales and many more aspects of the technology industry.


Our internship program is structured as a rich learning environment, allowing students to be challenged and grow creatively. Often, our interns find their work rewarding, leading them to join VoyagerNetz at some stage in their career. We have had great success with our interns, and are aways on the hunt for more eager learners!

The opportunity to take a look in the world of marketing and design is very unique. We at VoyagerNetz are open to learning more from the next generation about how to advertise, market, and sell in this new technological era. As a company that is staying ahead of the curve, we want to learn from you just as you learn from us.


Our current clients are thrilled to work with up-and-coming business students. Interns are given real-world experiences by helping out not only the VoyagerNetz team but also our customers. With new, fresh perspectives as well as strong ambition, interns love to build rapport with our clients. Our clients present opportunities for interns to evolve and learn, and our interns cultivate a growing relationship with our clients and VoyagerNetz.

Potential Interns

We are looking for college-aged interns that are majoring in the business and/or technology areas of study. This includes marketing, sales, MIS, QBA, programming and more. Our interns are determined, teachable, and sociable. They would be involved in various marketing campaigns, introduced to cold-calling and surveying potential clients, and develop and apply new technological skills. An introduction to our products and services will evolve their understanding of VoyagerNetz as well as its industry and market share. Interns are given the chance to attend different events, helping them to observe and network within this industry. Our interns learn invaluable skills from authentic experiences. Shadowing our team is an extraordinary way to begin a career in this field. We want this program to set up our interns for not only a future at this company, but a long-term career as well. We want you to thrive-are you ready?

Contact Us

If you are interested in our program and want to see if we have availability at VoyagerNetz, reach out to us through calling our office number 331-222-7748 or through emailing

We hope to see some new interns in our office soon!