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Personalize your communication strategies

May 3, 2023


Hanz van Aardt

VoyagerNetz - USA

Community and Customer experience

Use VoyagerNetz Reach & Engage to personalize your park and recreation communication strategies

As a park and recreation agency, your goal is to create engaging experiences which cater to the diverse needs of your community. But what if you could take that engagement to the next level? At VoyagerNetz, we believe that personalized communication is the key to creating a better customer experience. Here's how we can help:

Targeted Messaging (REACH): 

Keep in mind that every individual in your community has unique interests and for that reason sending generic messages to your entire community is not an effective way to engage with them. At VoyagerNetz, we help you create target audiences based on their interests and preferences using a concept we call self-segmentation. This allows you to send highly-targeted promotions and information directly to community members who desire details on a specific park, facility or activity. By making your messaging more relevant, you'll create a stronger connection with individual community members, increase overall community engagement and improve the customer experience. This digital connection will bring you and your community members closer together.

Text-Enabled Communication (ENGAGE):

Customers frequently talk to their friends and family using text messaging so it is no surprise that they want to talk to your park and recreation agency in this same way. In today's fast-paced world, people are increasingly turning to text messaging as their preferred method of communication. At VoyagerNetz, we make it easy for your organization with one or more team members to text-enable your community communication. This means that you can send personalized, targeted messages directly to your community members' mobile devices based on their interests which in turn creates a more engaging and immediate experience. We help you reach and engage with your community on their most personal device. Community members can simply reply to these messages to ask a question or get additional support. This ease of engagement will in turn improve customer service, enhance activity participation and increase revenue.

Another BONUS - Removing Language Barriers: 

With today's diverse communities, language barriers can be a major challenge . Imagine if you could use real-time language translation to break down this communication barrier. VoyagerNetz Engage platform offers communication in more than 130 languages. This means that no matter what language your community member speaks, they can easily receive and understand your messages. With more accessible messaging, you'll create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for your entire community. Amazingly, VoyagerNetz Engage allows for multiple languages in one conversation so that each individual team member can understand the content of the conversation. All communication is always translated to English so that all participants can follow along with the conversation. Nothing can be more personal than conversing in someone’s home language - imagine that!

So what?

Why is personalized communication important? Simply put, it creates better customer service which will lead to greater community participation and increased revenue. When your messaging is relevant, engaging and personal then your community members are more likely to participate in events and programs, provide feedback and support, and become advocates for your organization. By building stronger relationships with community members, you'll create a more vibrant and connected overall customer experience.

At VoyagerNetz, we're committed to helping park and recreation agencies create effective, personalized communication strategies. Whether it's text-enabled communication, targeted messaging, or real-time translation solutions, we have the resources for you!

Contact us today to learn more about how to boost community engagement with personalized communication strategies.