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Announcing VoyagerNetz Engage Pleiades Release

March 13, 2023


Hanz van Aardt

VoyagerNetz - USA


Announcing VoyagerNetz Engage -Pleiades release

Every now and then we hit a release milestone which takes such a big leap forward that we just have to stop and celebrate the release. Our Pleiades release is such a release and I am happy to say that this release is available starting today!

Pleiades release builds on the previous releases (Venus, Mercury and Phoenix) and if you are already a VoyagerNetz Engage user then you will feel right at home and your transition will be smooth. I will quickly take you through the major new changes which Pleiades release introduces into for VoyagerNetz Engage customers.


The first and most significant enhancement to Pleiades relates to the new ability to associate incoming conversations with groups. A group involves the following aspects of conversations:

  • Conversations now have some unique visual characteristics to make it clear what groups are involved.
  • Incoming channels (facebook pages and numbers) are associated with a group.
  • Each group has their own automated messaging (for example the greeting message).
  • Each group has a number of users each with a group role.
  • Each group now has an auto generated QR Code for easy engagement.

Let's briefly touch on each of these elements of groups.

Group visual characteristics

During the design of the new group functionality we wanted to make sure that all users will instantly know to which group a conversation belongs. This naturally led us to choosing a visual group icon to identify group ownership and also actions related to groups. Wow, does this work well! Let me share some examples of how easy this simple visual element makes it for users to understand what groups are involved in conversations.

Setup and Configuration of Groups

During the setup of groups each conversation is associated by a colourful visual icon which will be used throughout the system as a group identifier. Note that group icons are square and user icons are round.

Pleiades Groups

New inbound conversations

Every new conversation is automatically assigned a group based on your configuration. In the following screenshot you can see how easy it is to visually see what group the new conversation is associated with.

Pleiades Conversation Group in Waiting

Assigned conversations

Once a conversation is assigned to a user and a group it is clear and easy to see which group the conversation is assigned to.

Pleiades Assigned Conversation Demo Group Icon

Transferring of conversations

User who transfer conversations can now easily find the group they wish to transfer to using the visual icon as well as the group name.

Pleiades Transfer in Waiting Demo Groups

Incoming transfers

For users receiving incoming transfers (whether individual or group) it is easy to visually see the from and the to group using visual icons.

Pleiades Transfer in Waiting Demo Groups

Group incoming channel linking

Every incoming channel now has a default group to which new conversations on that channel will be associated. All Engage channels (Facebook Messenger, SMS / Texting, WhatsApp and WebChat) benefit from this feature.

Pleiades Facebook Page Group Demo

Group Automated Messaging

Each group now has their own automated messaging configuration which you can use to configure a unique customer experience for every group.

Pleiades Group Automated Responders Demo

Group Users and Roles

For each group you can now setup users with roles. Group Admins have full rights to see and participate in any conversation in the group. Users with a group role of user can see all the group conversations in the waiting section and only assigned and completed conversations which they own or are participating in.

Pleiades Group Users Demo

Group QR Code and Engage Command

VoyagerNetz Engage now automatically generates an Engagement QR Code which will make it easy for customers to reach the users associated with the group. We also introduced a new command 'engage' which a user can use to connect to the group. For example texting 'engage ottercove' in this instance will connect the user to the users in the Ottercove Group.

Pleiades Engage QR Codes


Another aspect of Engage which have been greatly enhanced in Pleiades release is notifications.

In-app notifications

In previous versions we already had various in-app notifications which worked really well ,however, if you were in a different section of the app (like in the admin or dashboard section for example) then you would not have been able to see these in-app notifications. With this release the in-app notifications are also displayed on the main conversation section icon which means that you can see the notification irrespective of the section in the app you are in.

Pleiades Notifications Demo

Browser and app notifications

Browser and app notifications have also been greatly enhanced. The new version of the iPhone app will display the notification count on the app icon and the new PWA app for desktops will display a notification count on the icon as well as can be seen in this screenshot.

Pleiades App Notification for PWA


VoyagerNetz Engage and VoyagerNetz Reach now use the same user and password management system which greatly simplifies your user management. You will also notice that our roles for users have changed - we now have a System Admin and User role. System Admin users can setup and configure all aspects of the system - the old Supervisor role shifted to the Group section. A Group Admin can now perform functions similar to the previous Supervisor role but limited to conversations associated with the Group.

Pleiades User Management


The above changes are the most noticeable and exciting here are some of the most notable other enhancements which you might want to know about regarding VoyagerNetz Engage - Pleiades release.

  • QR Code Enhancement. The automated QR Codes generated by VoyagerNetz Engage are now simpler compared to the QR Code standard we used previously.
  • Our system performance have been greatly enhanced and we invested significant effort and focus on enhancing the overall user experience.
  • As with every release we enhanced our systems resiliency in order to deal better with technology and cloud outages.