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See examples below of the different Wagtail Components & Procedures

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This is an example of a Notification Message, that is displayed through a Notification component. First, build a Notification Message within Snippets and then connect it to the Notification component on each page you would like it displayed. The viewer can close it by clicking the x in the top right. You can update it at any point just by going into Snippets and editing the message and clicking save. This will update the Notification everywhere. Just erase the message to remove the notification.

The component below is the Contact Us With Icons. This strip pulls information from the MarketingNetz Web Setting section within the Settings Section on the lefthand side. Look under General Contact Information and Social Media Links, to update the information.

The component below is a Form. This form is created in the Streamforms section on the lefthand side, and then displayed through a Form component. First, build the form in Streamforms using the different fields exemplified below. Then you can add the form on any page(s) by using the Form Component. You can update it at any point within Streamforms, and it will update the form everywhere it is added.

The component below is an Image Display Banner. This component takes image Collection from Snippets on the left hand side, and displays them through this component. It takes each image and displays them one at a time, and equally updates them on each refresh of the page. You can link the individual images with external, mailto, or internal links, and set a start and end date for display. First, compile an Image Collection in Snippets, then you can add the component on any page(s) you want. You can add, remove, or change the dates on the images easily within the Image Collection, and it will update it everywhere it has been added. The suggested size for this image is 2560x230px.

This is a "Banner with Text and Background" component. You get to select the Background pattern and the Text using this banner option.

The component below is Get Recent Collection Pages. This component pulls blog/news entries, made within the ExperienceNetz subsection within pages. Your ExperienceNetz items are organized by topic. When you select this component you can select the Page/Topic you want to pull from. The example below is organized by our Engage Posts. Once this component is built it will automatically pull the newest posts into this section. So the next time we post an Engage topic-based post, it will get pulled into this display without me having to edit anything. You also can select the Bookmark Text for above the sections.

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